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About Abhayaranya Ashram

Abhayaranya Yoga Ashram
(Location - Neelkanth Temple Road, Patna, Rishikesh - 249302, India)
Abhayaranya yoga ashram is located at the Manikoot hill. The campus is 10 min up the hill from the famous Patna waterfall in the valley of the Himalayan.

Facilities to avail at the ashram

Facilities provided during the program at Abharanya Yoga Ashram:

  • A cottage room with authentic hand-crafted wooden interiors and fine fixtures, available in single/shared accommodation with attached bathroom
  • Well balanced vegetarian based food also known as Satwik meals offered three times a day. Non vegetarian items like egg, fish and meat is not offered
  • Students should inform the management if they have any food allergies for timely arrangement of alternatives
  • Materials provided during the program are: Yoga Mat, Neti Pot, Stationery and Library facilities
  • Few excursions in and around Rishikesh on off days

Fee & Cancellation Policy

Program fee does not include:

  • Airfare and/or airport transfers. However, upon additional cost, airport transfers could be provided
  • Any form of personal expenditure
  • Any other item not mentioned in the inclusion list
  • Cancellation Policy:

  • Booking amount which is 20% of the program fee is non-refundable and non- transferable
  • Remaining program fee i.e. 80% of the amount which is to be paid upon arrival is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • If a participant is unable to attend the program on the selected dates, he or she could avail the program anytime within 1 year of the booking date

Flight & Visa information to reach Rishikesh

Visa Suggestions - in India Abharanya Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

  • Foreign participants are advised to apply for a Tourist visa only
  • As per the immigration laws, student visa is not issued for short-duration programs
  • In most of the cases, the validity for Tourist visa starts from the date of its issue and is applicable for 6 months. However, please make sure to confirm the same with the Local Indian embassy in your region, as it could differ
  • Before you book your flights!

  • All the programs start from Monday. However, the Orientation Ceremony of the programs is held on the evening of the Sunday (a day before). Participants must plan their arrival on the campus accordingly to not miss out any of their classes or the ceremonies
  • The programs gets complete on a Saturday, which is the Day of Certification. Participants could plan their departure from Sunday onwards
  • If a participant wishes to extend their stay after the programs, the Sunday night would be complementary. From Monday onwards, the charges would be USD 50 per night including meals

for Yoga Retreat

  • Participants are expected to arrive in the morning of the retreat start day or for more convenience a night before.
  • On the retreat end date program will finish by afternoon. You are welcome to stay the night of the end date however should you wish to stay after that, the charges would be USD 50 per night including meals

Travel Plans to Abhayaranya Yoga Ashram

Rishikesh is a well-connected city. Please find the details below:

  • The closest international airport fromRishikesh is Indira Gandhi International Airport. Its proximity from Rishikesh is approximately 250 km
  • Please be advised that the Foreign Exchange Money and public phones are available at the Airport. However, upon exiting the airport building, one cannot enter again
  • The closest domestic airport from our centre is DED-Dehradun (approx. 25 kms). Participants could take a domestic flight from Delhi to Dehradun, with flight duration of approx. 30-45 mins
  • Taxi Pickup and Drop off services are provided to our participants from both the IGI Delhi and Dehradun airport at their cost. This can be discussed with our management and arranged prior to your arrival
  • The taxi charges from Delhi airport to the Abharanya Yoga Ashram is USD 70. This will take approximately 6 to 7 hours subjected to traffic conditions, barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • The charges of DED-Dehradun airport taxi pickup to the Abharanya Yoga Ashram centre is USD 20. Travel time is approximately 30 to 45 mins subjected to traffic conditions, barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • Taxi Ride from New Delhi International Airport: We're happy to organize a taxi for you from New Delhi International Airport to the ashram, approximately costing US$85. This journey takes around 5 hours with a short break on the route. To arrange this, simply provide us with your flight details beforehand.
  • Connecting Flight and Taxi from Dehradun Airport: You can book a connecting flight from New Delhi or any international airport in India to Dehradun, the closest domestic airport to Rishikesh. We can then arrange a taxi from the airport to the ashram, which costs US$40 and takes about 1 hour.
  • Train Journey from New Delhi Railway Station: If you prefer the charm of train travel, you can board a train from New Delhi Railway Station to:
    a) Haridwar Railway Station: Taxi fare is US$45, and the journey takes around 1.5 hours.
    b) Rishikesh Railway Station: Taxi fare is US$30, and the journey takes around 1 hour.
  • Overnight Bus from New Delhi to Rishikesh: For a unique experience, you can opt for an overnight bus from New Delhi to Rishikesh. From the bus drop point in Rishikesh, a taxi ride to the ashram costs US$30 and takes around 1 hour.
  • Whichever mode of transportation you choose, please share your travel details with us at least 7 days in advance, so we can assist you in organizing the taxi accordingly.

NOTE: If pick up is between 11:00PM and 4:00 AM - there is a surcharge of $20

Kindly Note: This is the fare of small taxi (two people + luggage). The taxi fare is payable at the ashram upon your arrival. Do Not pay to the driver .
We work with the agency and they pay their drivers.

Weather conditions to consider before travelling

General Weather Condition at Rishikesh, India

    December, January
  • The coldest months of the Year with the minimum temperature of 5 Degree centigrade and the maximum temperature of 15-20 Degree centigrade. Nights are cold but during the day, it gets pleasant under the Sun. Participants should carry warm clothing during these months.
  • February, March, and April
  • These months have the ideal weather conditions, neither too hot or too cold, with lots of sunshine. February could require some warm clothes but for the month of March and April, light clothing would be fine
  • May, June
  • They are the summer months where the outside temperature rises to 35 to 38 degree centigrade in the daytime and falls to 30-32 in the night. The mornings and the evenings are relatively comfortable. Expect lot of sweating, therefore light clothing is recommended
  • July – August
  • This is the monsoon season, during which it rains for short interval causing the temperature to fall. Rain gear along with light clothing is recommended.
  • September, October, and November
  • With Monsoon retreating during September, temperature remains moderately high with the maximum of 32-35 degree centigrade, but night gets pleasant. The weather during October and November is very pleasant, with moderately warm clothes recommended especially during the night of the months of October and November.

Clothing -What to carry with you

Winter December, January:

  • Layering of clothes is recommended. Please carry light clothing items like a T-shit/tank top to heavy winter clothing. With no central heating or feather duvets facilities, it could get very cold if not appropriately clothed. Even during indoor yoga practises, one could bring yoga socks along.
  • Spring February, March, and April:
  • With cool temperatures during February, hoodie and long trousers would be required. March and April are relatively warmer therefore, light clothing would be enough.
  • Summer May, June:
  • Cotton clothing or anything that allows free movement of air is recommended. Keeping cultural restrictions in mind, within the centre spaghetti tops/ tank tops and ¾ length leg wears could be worn.
  • Summer May, June:
  • Cotton clothing or anything that allows free movement of air is recommended. Keeping cultural restrictions in mind, within the centre spaghetti tops/ tank tops and ¾ length leg wears could be worn.
  • Monsoon July, August:
  • These months are wet and humid, therefore rain gear like raincoat, umbrella, flip flops are recommended along with light clothing.
  • Autumn September, October, and November:
  • September still has some rainfall, so rain gear would be required. Light clothing would be recommended for these months. However, the nights of October and November could get cold, so additional layering would be required.

Some additional things you may think

As per individual requirements, one could carry shoes for general outdoor activities and flip-flops indoors, along with moisturizers, body oil and conditioner bug spray, hygiene articles, hand sanitizer, hot water bottle for colder months, among others. As per first aid items, it is advisable to carry an antiseptic cream or spray, oil, and ointments, anti- diarrhoea medicines etc. It is also advisable to carry a torch as power cuts are not too uncommon in India. Additionally, most of the above-mentioned items are available in the Rishikesh market. One should carry an Indian phone number during their stay as it would be handy.